We arrived in Addis Ababa and were fortunate to have been invited by a South African wine maker Abraham to stay at his flat. He was introduced to us indirectly by a mutual friend. We had actually never met him before and he was due to be in South Africa for the whole duration of […]

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The tingle at altitude

The crossing from the Sudanese to the Ethiopian border was not that eventful. Except for the Ebola check by a doctor with a stethoscope around his neck, “Are you feeling fine?” and the customs officer “Do you have anything in your bags that you are not allowed?”. John and I have commented a few times […]

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Leaving Sudan

We stayed at a Coptic Church The traditional way of making sesame oil Fishing just outside Khartoum Selling ice in the city Some traditional brick and straw manufacturers Village football Driving at 6 years old Preparing for prayer Riding out at sunset Escaping the heat at mid day Good accommodation Selling medication Local car wash

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We spent a week in Khartoum sorting out visas and a few other issues. We met up with Ahmed who is a cousin of Amira, a work colleague of Pierre’s. Ahmed entertained us and took care of our needs whilst we were there. Friday is family day and we were fortunate to arrive to a […]

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The Sand Bath

We followed the router which was now pre-loaded with Tracks4Africa, a South African company which has mapped the East side of Africa. It took us off road to a wild camp site which was behind a couple of mountains. The only thing was that there wasn’t much there except for a lot of sand. Needless […]

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The Thirst

We managed to get our Sudanese visa in Aswan Egypt within four days. The only problem being that it was a Sunday, which is also the only day that the traditional route via ferry leaves for Wadi Halfa in Sudan. After doing some research we discovered that the road which was previously strictly for military […]

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From Europe to Africa

We finally arrived in Rome, some 1600km into our journey. This was one of the big milestones of the journey and a good test run for what could only be a bit more of a challenging road ahead. Just hanging out in Rome Italy was a great place to visit and we had good food, […]

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