John runs an online healthcare service called Treatment Connect where you can find and compare private hospitals in the UK. He returns to South Africa annually to spend his holidays fishing and whale watching with his family. To experience some of the best whale watching along the southern coast of Africa visit Infanta Seaside Loft for accommodation enquiries.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Stanford!!! Becky Roche here… Just hearing about your amazing adventure.. Amazers.. Looking forward to following your updates, take care


  2. That was such good to meet lovely people like you. Can’t wait to see your updates and read your inspiring and funny adventure!
    Maybe I will come across you another time, perhaps in a London bar!

    Thank’s for your visit and take care.


  3. Just met a guy on a bicycle in the middle of nowhere, Turkana County Kenya. I greeted him and the moment he opened his mouth I knew I had met a fellow Saffa. John, I think you guys are absolutely nuts, I take my hat of to you. And to top it all off, you are raising funds for rhino conservation – I am really impressed. Safe travels to the Mother City.


  4. Today I met Pierre on the road and saw John a little later. They both seem to be in high spirits and doing well. Keep it up guys!


  5. I was on a business trip at Victoria falls where I met Pierre. The first thing I saw walking into the venue was a massive smile! After getting to know Pierre and hearing of this adventure with an amazing cause, I realized that I’m in the company of some one that has an ability to set a standard very few can achieve. I am grateful to have met such a person, I wish you and your friend all the best, Pierre. I’ll support your cause to save the Rhino, I’m glad there are people still working hard to make a difference! Hope to meet again! Safe travels!


  6. Nice to meet you at Nata, Botswana , Pierre. Good luck, strength to your bow and hope all is well on the road to Cape Town.


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