From Europe to Africa

We finally arrived in Rome, some 1600km into our journey. This was one of the big milestones of the journey and a good test run for what could only be a bit more of a challenging road ahead.
Just hanging out in Rome

Italy was a great place to visit and we had good food, wine, met great people and had two of the best camps yet.
IMG_4953.JPGOne of the only campsites open. We even had our own balcony.IMG_4954-0.JPG
We had to have a sea side braai.
Semi wild camping in front of a closed restaurant right in front of the beach.

Whilst in Rome, we had two of our backup wildbikerider crew join us. Both Anja and Chris was an instrumental part of our operation to get to Africa. They brought some important spares for the bikes (these may not be readily available in Africa) and a whole lot of medic and malaria paraphernalia. We also ate good food enjoyed the sights of Rome and had to have some celebratory drinks.
The next stop was Cairo. So after quite a bit of logistics of collecting bike boxes on a bike and packing our oversized and overweight bicycles, we managed to get a large enough taxi to the airport.
IMG_4947.JPGIs it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s Johnnyman

A big sigh of relief when we finally collected our bikes on the other side. Only one minor bent pannier rack and we made it to Africa.

8 thoughts on “From Europe to Africa

  1. Wow, cant believe you made Africa, looks like you are going really well, hope you have a great Christmas and I look forward to following you across Africa during 2015, jingle all the way x


  2. Well done, guys! Congrats to the huge milestone! Merry Christmas and hope Africa will treat you well. Have got a feeling the fun only really starts here. 😊
    Looking forward to new stories!
    Take care!


  3. Hi Cous Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from all the Coe’s in Oxford. Can’t believe they allowed you in to Africa looking as suspicious as you obviously do! Great pic’s from Rome and probably your last decent meal until you hit Cape Town. Safe travels on the rest of the tour.


  4. Epic !!! The next big step is for sure the greatest !! Joyeux Noël from France and i wish you all the best for Africa 🙂 Take care.


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