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The diminishing rhino population is alarming so we have chosen Save The Rhino International as our nominated charity because they do amazing work to curb poaching.

We will be cycling through areas with large rhino population and will try our best to promote the cause en route.

Currently more than 3 rhinos are being killed by poaching, every single day. And the poaching crisis is growing. To date, South Africa has been hardest hit, but poachers are also targeting rhinos across Africa and Asia, including in Kenya, Namibia and India.

You can help us raise money to support rhino rangers in the field who monitor and protect rhino populations. For example £20 could buy a new pair of boots, or £60 could buy a new rucksack. Your money could also help support education programmes in rhino range states, as well as Save the Rhino’s work to reduce demand for rhino horn in Vietnam.

Rhinos are a flagship species. By saving rhinos we will not only save this magnificent species from extinction, but we will also protect other specis that share their ecosystem, as well as securing livelihoods and healthy natural resources for future generations.

Please show your support today by donating whatever you can.

Donate through Virgin Money Giving


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