Leaving Sudan

2015/02/img_5612.jpgWe stayed at a Coptic Church

2015/02/img_5616-0.jpgThe traditional way of making sesame oil



2015/02/img_5677.jpgFishing just outside Khartoum

2015/02/img_5891.jpgSelling ice in the city


2015/02/img_5705.jpgSome traditional brick and straw manufacturers

2015/02/img_5711.jpgVillage football

2015/02/img_5738.jpgDriving at 6 years old

2015/02/img_0350.jpgPreparing for prayer

2015/02/img_5645.jpgRiding out at sunset

2015/02/img_5644.jpgEscaping the heat at mid day

2015/02/img_5668.jpgGood accommodation

2015/02/img_0343.jpgSelling medication

2015/02/img_0346.jpgLocal car wash

9 thoughts on “Leaving Sudan

  1. An alien world miles away from my daily life ………….. that is a harsh life.

    Tech query: what make/type/power front and rear lights do you both use??


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