Nice is nice

We made it to the Mediterranean! Some 1600km from London. The WarmShowers website was really working for us. When John and I arrived outside Funky Frank’s house in Fréjus we wrongly assumed the skateboard propped to the wall belonged to one of his two sons. Funky Frank had a hip vibe with his trans background […]

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Florence the machine

We headed southeast from Avignon into the Provence region. Buildings with light blue shutters and long avenues of Plain trees met us ahead. We rode through pear orchards reminding me of home on the farm, the leaves glowing with the yellow autumn colours. Lavender plantations gave us the scents of Provence as we fought the […]

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Warm showers on the Rhône

We passed through a town called Les Tourrettes. As we quietly entered I thought I would play the part and release an outburst of my finest French. Pierre didn’t quite catch on and got such a fright that he nearly fell off his bike. A slight contrast to the Halloween night in Dijon when we […]

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Britta you Diva

When our friend from London Brice, offered a place for us to stay at his sister’s house, we didn’t realise what a treat we were in for. We had two memorable days with Mamma Britta, Pappa Xavier their three sons Samuel, Maxime and Valentin. We arrived after a big storm that swept through the area, […]

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Wild camping in France

Is it legal? Well, no one has told us otherwise and we will only ever leave a wild campsite as we found it. It comes with it’s positives and negatives: We get to do pretty much what we want, when we want and how we want. There is definitely a sense of freedom, real adventure […]

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B&B in Chateau Thierry

We were looking for a place to stay in Chateau Thierry after a long day cycling in the rain. The town was having a champaign festival, so finding some accommodation was going to be hard to come by. We decided to cruze around town and take in the vibe, when a lady called Christian walked […]

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