The way home to Cape Town

When I crossed the border into South Africa, I couldn’t quite celebrate yet. A long uphill mountain pass and a 700km ride to the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town still awaited me. It was made allot easier by the kind people that hosted me along the way. The first night was in Springbok, where I […]

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 I took the Trans Kalahari Highway through to Windhoek. This is a long stretch of road with only the passing trucks and the warthogs that rush out of the grass along the road to keep the adrenaline pumping. After a couple of nights of freezing cold wild camps, I was welcomed and hosted to Windhoek […]

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A decision to cycle through Botswana on the way home was one not to have regretted. I entered Botswana through Francistown and stayed at the Woodlands stop over the first night. Anne and Michael were amazingly friendly and kindly offered me another night in one of their chalets.    One has to watch out for […]

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It was head winds all the way through Malawi, but that didn’t dampen the mood as this place is amazing. It’s all about the lake and the friendly people.  This is the first time that I came across the Baobab tree in such abundance. These upside down pre-historical trees are everywhere. The locals collect their seeds to sell them […]

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Mud pies in Tanzania 

The tarmac quickly turned to gravel as we made our way down the West side of Tanzania along the borders of Burundi, the DRC and Zambia all of which share Lake Tanganyika. There are parts of this country where there were hardly any human inhabitants. So much so that if you rode past two vehicles […]

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The posters of wanted men for war crimes are stark remindersof Rwanda’s history which greets you when you enter the border. It is however amazing to see how things have progressed as we only meet the most friendly of people in Rwanda. The country is small, but, area wise has relativelythe biggest population in Africa. It’s also by no means flat, which means […]

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Banana trees, tea, coffee and sugarcane plantations welcomed us to this tropical country. We cycled through the rolling hills to Kampala where we stayed with John’s cousins. Laura and Richard immediately got the braai on and took us to some nice pubs and restaurants. John and I got so excited with a trip to the South African […]

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Leaving Addis and Ethiopia

We left Addis Ababa early to avoid the congestion. The traffic can almost be compared to Cairo. We took the less travelled road toward Awash and spent the first night in Butajira then went cross country towards Lake Ziway and onwards to Lake Langano.  The lakes here are a paradise for birds, hippos, monkeys, baboons, […]

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