It was head winds all the way through Malawi, but that didn’t dampen the mood as this place is amazing. It’s all about the lake and the friendly people.  This is the first time that I came across the Baobab tree in such abundance. These upside down pre-historical trees are everywhere. The locals collect their seeds to sell them as sweets at the market. A different sort of taste, not sweet, not sour.  I was excited because both my mom and Anja were coming to visit. My mom arrived first. I met her at Nkhotakota along the lake. She had taken the ferry from Monkey Bay up the lake and braved a 2 am arrival time. The jetty was destroyed in a storm, so it was from the ferry into a smaller dingy boat and then a wade through knee high water all in the pitch dark. How brave is my mom? 

Whilst we were waiting for Anja my mom used one of the local taxi busses with eighteen other passengers crammed together with their luggage, catch of the day and anything else. We met Anja further down the lake at Senga Bay. From there onward both Anja and my mom followed me with their hire car down to Cape McClear.   

 The best way to transport fish is outside the warm vehicle

    Cape McClear is real paradise. White sandy beeches, chilled out vibe and one of the most amazing sunsets. One of the big highlights of our stay was a night on Mumba Island. 

  Riaan Manser’s slogan…   Fishermen used paraffin lamps to attract the fish

A South African run company Kayak Africa took us on a boat to Mumba island. It’s tented accommodation and the rest of the facilities are all temporary, as this nature reserve should be able to return to its natural state. Amazing brightly coloured fish an abundance of birds and the odd leguan made it even more special.  Mumba island…   


 Leaving Malawi I noticed this ambulance. I feel for the tall people

6 thoughts on “Malawi

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Would love to go there! And yes, your Mom is a brave and amazing woman. We love her to bits. Good luck with the rest of your trip! Nearly there wow!


  2. Loved this one and was waiting for you to hit Malawi! I visited a number of times when my folks lived there a few years ago and have some amazing memories. Cape McClear is simply spectacular, and that Island looks very similar to one called English Boys where I did a number of very cool scuba dives, including a night dive with those catfish you pictured on the front of the van. Some of them grow to the size of small sharks, so having one suddenly swim through your torch light in the pitch blackness is… invigorating… 😉


  3. Beautiful colours in your photos Pierre and once again, you took me to wonderful places. So glad your mom and Anja were able to visit and share some of your experiences with you. Keep it up!

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  4. More great photos and how you bring your adventure alive, what a great mum, but as a mum myself I know how happy she must be to meet up with you, keep peddling!


  5. Well done Pierre, you are doing extremely well! Your photo’s look absolutely brilliant and capture the real beauty of the places you visit! Say hello to your mum & Anja from all of the Edwards family! Keep up the peddling!


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