The posters of wanted men for war crimes are stark remindersof Rwanda’s history which greets you when you enter the border. It is however amazing to see how things have progressed as we only meet the most friendly of people in Rwanda. The country is small, but, area wise has relativelythe biggest population in Africa. It’s also by no means flat, which means that where there are no mountains or steep hills there are people.


Early morning sunshine on a banana plantation 


Rice paddies 


As I was cycling toward Kigali, I was being challenged by other cyclists carrying milk, goats, wood, coal, bananas etc. These guys take it quite seriously. Apparently cycle races are organised by the local villages and are very popular since the President of the country actively encourages the sport. Rwanda has now got three very competitive teams and has won quite a few races in Africa. 

 Heavy load on this bicycle    


We were lucky enough to have been invited by Helen to stay with her and her flat mates in Kigali where she works. So, more time to bulk up, rest the legs and spend some good times in Kigali. On our penultimate afternoon, she had organised the slaughter of a goat for us and had a farewell braai for us Rwandan style. Thanks again Helen and her flat mates for an awesome three days of super hospitality.

 The entire goat gets chopped and skewered into a kebab  

 The crew 


Rwanda butchers 


Rwanda fruit and veg

5 thoughts on “Rwanda

  1. Thanks for news and photos, keep it up, and take care. Still think you should have used motorbikes instead… Brave fellows!


  2. Pierre, jou moeder was vandag by Klawer Wynkelders. Nadat ons lekker gesels het, het ek op jou blok gegaan. Wat ‘n ongelooflike toer…. sterkte met die laaste deel en wag jou by Klawer vir ‘n lekker wynproe!!


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