Wild camping in France

Is it legal? Well, no one has told us otherwise and we will only ever leave a wild campsite as we found it.

It comes with it’s positives and negatives:

We get to do pretty much what we want, when we want and how we want. There is definitely a sense of freedom, real adventure and yes, we have a cold shower every night.

Thursday night, however, was a somewhat sleepless one. At about 1am in the morning both John and I were wide awake, adrenaline pumping and wide eyed. Not that we could see anything, but there were big monsters outside the tent.

“John, are you hearing that?”. “Ja, you know that a bush pig will run straight through your tent?”. “I’ve heard so”. We carried on listening to the ooink ooink, until about 2am when the chat was all about having bush pig on the spit braai and John admitted to having his Opinel knife ready to pounce any through runners.


4 thoughts on “Wild camping in France

    1. Janneman veels geluk boet on your birthday! Hope you guys are warm in a pub somewhere rather than a tent this evening! All the best and look forward to your next post! Cheers sarge and jana


  1. heyyyy my friends !!!!!! the restaurants in Ouroux sur Saone it ‘s a reallly good days !!!!!!! bye bye see you next times !!!!!!!! 😉 pierre ;


  2. Cool story bro! Your trip sounds epic, and you have yet to leave France!? Your story of a hog roast got me salavating on my commute to work. And your story of stating at the mayor house was brilliant. Keep them flowing boys. Lekker bly, geniet die were.


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