Britta you Diva

When our friend from London Brice, offered a place for us to stay at his sister’s house, we didn’t realise what a treat we were in for.

We had two memorable days with Mamma Britta, Pappa Xavier their three sons Samuel, Maxime and Valentin.
We arrived after a big storm that swept through the area, with 40km/h head winds, some torrential rain and temperatures that plummeted to 1 Celsius. A warm shower was much needed.

Samuel was home early from school and welcomed us to their home. He quickly showed us where the shower was, put our clothes into the washing machine and organised the bush TV which further thawed us out.

Mamma Britta and Pappa Xavier came home early from work to meet us. We had a traditional French tartiflette for dinner after picking up the boys from basketball practice.

We tucked into some baguette for breakfast with rationed Nutella (Mamma Britta did her homework by reading our previous blog entries, because this was a breakfast for two)

Mamma Britta took the next day off work so that she could show us around some of the surrounding picturesque villages with the autumn coloured vineyards. This is truly a beautiful area.

At this point we weren’t quite sure if we should call Britta Mamma or Diva. Whilst driving us around in her Mamma mobile she sang to us in both French and English. We did eventually decide to call her Mamma, but she is definitely a Diva.

Mommy Britta had called in the paparazzi, so we needed to rush back home to meet a local reporter who wanted to write a story in the local newspaper of our crazy mission.

Mommy Britta had then arranged a meeting and tea with the local Mayor. The newly elected Mayor Noël was an inspiring chap who had the wealth of knowledge and achievement. He is a MBA Engineer turned leader who had done some travels through Africa himself.

The day was not complete without helping the boys with their English homework, teaching young Valentin how to light a log fire for some bush TV and another French speciality; foie gras, champagne and a beef fondu.

It was so very nice to meet Britta, Xavier and their three boys. What a fantastic family and your wonderful boys who even gave up their beds for us.

Britta, you and your family REALLY spoiled us. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Britta you Diva

  1. Sounds like a joll guys. Enjoy picking up the local languages. Enjoy the experiences and keep away from fast moving cars.


  2. Need to catch up on your blog – looks like you’re both having an awesome time and what are those things you’ve been eating. Keep enjoying all the new experiences (including the challenging headwinds)! Annie x


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