And we’re off


Thanks Anja, nice pic of bananas and crocs

We left Putney Bridge at midday on Sunday, headed out down Garrett Lane, through Earlsfield and Tooting towards Croydon. The weather was fair but we were riding straight into a headwind which was challenging with a heavily laden bike and not being very aerodynamic. At the pre-departure weigh in Pierre was riding 62kg and John 54kg.

We made good progress throughout the day cycling nearly 40 miles. Just as the first rain drops fell we spotted a campsite and near Wrotham Heath and pitched our tents in a downpour. We tried to reason with Mr Campsite to allow us to make a fire for our braai and he eventually caved in and said we could do whatever we wanted. But in that torrential rain a fire just wasn’t possible. So we went to the pub up the road for dinner. The rain came down all night and in the morning we packed up camp in the pouring rain. Everything was muddy and soaked – great start.

It was great to have a bunch of close friends on the bridge to wave us goodbye. Tears of joy were well masked by the styling and awesomeness of the Fitzgerald and Lewis sunglasses from Bailey Nelson.

19 thoughts on “And we’re off

  1. whoooohooooo!!! have fun guys and keep us posted!!! May the wind be on your back, the beers always cold and your legs always fresh x


  2. Good luck, Guys! Have fun and looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. Love Mich, Rob, Pierre and Grant xx


  3. Bon voyage Pierre … brings back a flood of memories and emotions.. ..Im sure half your luggage will end up in the sahara desert (like mine did) when you realize how little you actually need to survive. Travel safe. Sending you tons of patience and good vibes


  4. Hey guy! Safe travels, hope you packed something for an upset travellers stomach in Africa 😉 Also note that there is a fresh bed and supplies for you okes in Tanga, Tanzania if you plan coming down the East coast. Cheers, Marius


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